About Me

Venice“I wish I could do that!” ”Wow, you must be rich!”

These are the most common comments I hear when a new acquaintance learns that I have traveled to thirty-three countries and spent four years living abroad in Europe and Asia. The truth is I am an underpaid public school teacher with a small mountain of student loan debt. Travel is expensive, but if you are as obsessed with it as I am,  you can always find a way to make it work. I hope this blog will offer some tips and inspiration to those who think that globe-trotting is only for the rich.

About the Author

Prior to traveling the world, Christina was a freelance writer for several magazines, newspapers and webzines with hard-hitting articles on topics that varied from hot dog vendors to Buffy the Vampire Slayer toys and Russian history. She grudgingly worked at a mortgage company until her student loans were deferred when she enrolled as a part-time graduate student out of boredom. Christina then promptly quit her job, dropped her classes and moved to Spain to take a teacher-training course. In Granada, she found a new job, met her future husband and happily traveled the world.

Christina spent four years living in Granada, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Prague, Czech Republic and Suwon, South Korea while working as an English teacher. She currently lives in a breezy seaside town in south Florida. Even after visiting 33 countries, she remains obsessed with traveling. She also enjoys learning new languages, watching The Daily Show, reading fantasy novels and writing about her past journeys.


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