How to Save Some Koruna in Prague… Part Three


Photo by Christina Brzustoski

Part Three

If you haven’t already checked out Part One and Part Two, read those first! If you have, thanks for reading.

Once you have properly digested the heavy Czech food and Pilsner beer, Prague is a great city for walking. Most of its attractions can be reached on foot if you are located in the center. But if you ate too many dumplings to be able to climb the two-hundred steps to its Gothic castle and cathedral, the impressive transport system can get you anywhere you need to go.

It is possible to buy a multi-day pass that offers a discount on standard ticket prices, if you know that you will be using the trams, metro and buses often enough. You can also purchase the Prague card for about 1200 crowns (only 800 if you’re a student), which will not only cover transportation costs, but also give you free entry into many of its attractions for four days.

There are some very lovely towns just outside the city as well and you will see tourist agencies offering to take you there for several hundred crowns. What they don’t tell you is that train tickets cost a mere fraction of that. The trains are efficient and you can find timetable information and prices on their website, which is also available in English. (Just scroll down a little bit, to the bottom right of the bluish box. In tiny letters you should see the British flag.) The towns of Kutna Hora and its famous bone church and Karlstejn with its Cinderella castle are among the most popular and can be reached in about an hour for less than a hundred crowns round trip.

So while Prague may no longer deserve its fame as the budget capital of Europe, its other attractions do not disappoint. The sights (castles, cathedrals and old Jewish cemeteries) and sounds (Mozart and Dvorak concerts at night) of this Bohemian jewel are well worth any additional expense.


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