10 Trips You NEED to Take in Your 20s

Another Buzzfeed list, although this one is in video format. I’ll save you the 2:10 (if you’re a fast reader) and list them below with my comments.

10 Trips You NEED to Take in Your Twenties

1. Go on a road trip across the country with your best friends

I never did make it across the US, but my college BFFs and I took a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and it was great fun. No arguments here.

2. Use a Eurail pass to see Europe preferably on your own

I absolutely agree with taking a train through Europe, but the “on your own” part is up for debate. I don’t think that Europe is unsafe, but when you accidentally get off at the wrong stop (which happened my BF and me in Germany) and it’s dark outside and you don’t know when/if the next train is coming, it sure is nice to have some company.

3. Go on a cheesy spring break

I was never the spring breaker type. Plus, since I went to the most expensive college in the country, I generally used my spring breaks to go home and work my old pharmacy cashier job for dozens and dozens of dollars.

4. Lose yourself in Southeast Asia preferably with new friends

I didn’t make it to SE Asia until I was in my 30s. There is something magical about the area. It’s just so unlike anything you’ve ever seen in America or even Europe. I can definitely see how people go there and decide not to come back.

5. You should probably go to Burning Man

Never went, but maybe I should have. I feel way too old these days for rock festivals.

6. Go to the Himalayas and embrace your inner Beastie Boy

Wow, this one surprised me a bit. I just came back from Kathmandu and it is one of the most interesting cities in the world but didn’t think it was “mainstream” enough to make a list like this. The intersection of super-fit trekkers, old-school hippies, lost backpackers and Eat-Pray-Love spiritual types and colorful natives give it a vibe unlike any other place I’ve ever been.

7. Go on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere

This is the kind of strange person I am. I have never gone camping in the US, but have camped on a felucca on the Nile River and at a river bank along the Ganges. Both were amazing but really uncomfortable experiences. I’m thinking American camping can’t be all that bad. The Middle of Nowhere USA probably has toilets!

8. Spend a week on the beach with someone you love

Well, yeah, sure. Although, I generally go for the see-as-much-stuff-as-you-can-at-breakneck-speed vacations, beach vacations are pretty nice. I basically moved to Florida so that I could feel like I’m always on a beach vacation.

9. Take a last-minute trip on a train to see an old friend

I’m not sure why it has to be “last-minute” (does your friend not like to plan things ahead of time?) but I love train travel. It’s a shame that the US does not put much effort into improving our railways. I would love nothing more than to take a train across the country — the Trans-American Railway would be incredible.

10. Spend a week in Paris with a friend you hope secretly likes you back

Who goes on a trip with a guy/girl who *maybe* likes them? That’s just weird. But this trip is one I still haven’t done! Who goes to Kathmandu before Paris? I guess that makes me weird as well.

So seize the day and see the world now.


What do you think about Buzzfeed’s list? Anything you would add or delete to it? Comment below!


2 responses to “10 Trips You NEED to Take in Your 20s

  1. I also saw that video. Some of the ideas I like, others… meh. “Go to Paris with someone you THINK likes you”? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

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