Listening to Duet Calls to Prayer in Istanbul

blue mosque

There is nothing quite as exotic as the sound of this mystical call to prayer. The loudspeaker of the Blue Mosque crackles before the sound of “Aaaaaallllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaahhh…” bursts out. The song echoes and encompasses the area of the Hippodrome, filling up the very space around us. But just as it fades, another minaret comes to life, answering the initial prayer with its own. A brief silence follows until the Blue Mosque’s call again rings out in response. These duet-ing mosques are alternately quiet for a moment, then alive with singing, pausing again then replying in prayer and music. After a few minutes entranced by the back-and-forth summoning, the call finally ends and all that can now be heard is the din and noise of Istanbul traffic.

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