Wandering about the Old Medina in Tangier, Morocco

Outside the Medina

Outside the Medina

One of the essential Moroccan experiences is a trip to the bazaar in the Old Medina. Exotic smells of cumin and cardamom drift in the air. The sounds of metal workers plying their craft in the streets surround you. The bright blues and reds of the carpets try to capture your attention, as do their shopkeepers who yell out “Hey lady!” And when you finally spot that perfect Moroccan souvenir, it is time to haggle. The key to haggling is to never hesitate. If you pause for even a half of a second, you may find yourself with some bongos from Tangiers that you never intended to buy.


5 responses to “Wandering about the Old Medina in Tangier, Morocco

    • I’ve been to Morocco twice, but both times were Tangier so I haven’t had a chance to experience the other cities. Where else did you travel in Morocco? Tangier is definitely at a crossroads. I remember at one kebab shop, speaking French, Spanish, Arabic and English with the same server! We weren’t really sure which language to stick with. He seemed most surprised when I thanked him with an Arabic “shookrun” but totally nonplussed by a “gracias.”

    • I am also a hesitater (which is how I ended up with the bongos) but REAL key to haggling for me is the walk-away. “Thanks but…” The price starts dropping with each footstep you take away from the vendor. It has become my go-to haggling strategy!

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